Guam - Next week Tuesday, students and staff from Untalan Middle School are set to start classes at the Core Tech facility in Tiyan. With two academic school days missed so far, Department of Education deputy superintendent Robert Malay is optimistic they will meet that date as they have learned that all of the buildings and classrooms are ready for Untalan to move collateral equipment in.

He told KUAM News, "We got the green light from Core Tech today to go ahead and start bringing in that collateral equipment in so that we can hopefully expedite and minimize the weekend effort and get the kids back in the classroom as soon as possible."

Once all the collateral equipment is in place, Malay says the regulatory agencies will do the final inspections which he foresees happening on January 23, one day before the proposed start date. He adds there are more than 200 volunteers set to help in the move.

DOE meanwhile has created a committee to go over options on what to do with Untalan once it is vacated from refurbishing to rebuilding in lieu of finances.