Guam - Committee Chair on Education, Speaker Judi Won Pat remains concerned about the cost for the Core Tech Lease and relocation of Untalan Middle School and how it will impact the budget. "The big question that has to be asked here is the annual payment we're going to be making or the lack of monies coming in our revenues do we need go back into the legislature and start now to minus that out of the budget that we had appropriated, so there are a lot of questions that have to be asked and I can understand the board taking the position that they would like to have an  moa because it gives them a better picture what is going  to happen, whose going to  pay for it what are they responsible for whose responsible."

In terms of the recent closure of the UMS Campus, Won Pat who is also a former school Principal said some of the public health violations could have been taken care of readily.

Won Pat said, "I read the report and some of these things can easily be handled by the school and this bothers me if the administration is not holding whomever is coming to clean the schools or holding their own people to the fire to make sure they're cleaning the floor something as simple as that that really bothers me. That is a reflection of how we look at our schools it's a reflection of how we conduct ourselves it's a sad state. Not just for the school - it's really a reflection of everyone for that matter who lives here on this island and how we treat our island."

The last time the speaker visited UMS was last year, she says she now plans to visit several of the island's public schools after January session.