Guam - It may all be conceptual, but the island's capital could soon look like other major cities around the world. The Hagatna Restoration and Redevelopment Authority is looking at revitalizing the village.

A museum, a community theater, a riverwalk, a hike and bike trail as well as a high-density business district could be the reality for the island's capital. According to president of the Department of Chamorro Affairs and executive director for the Authority Joseph Cameron, the village of Hagatna embodies the island's past and present. He said, "We want to establish the city as the central area for government as it had been dictated by the Organic Act of Guam; we want it to be a cross-section of a business/cultural destination...we want to preserve the character of that city."

Cameron says the project planning is only 50% complete as Phase III requires rezoning more than 200 fragmented lots. Cameron hopes public and private partnerships will fund the project, which still has an indefinite price tag. Part of the proposed plan includes constructing an overpass to connect Skinner Plaza to the Chamorro Village.

"The place to be will be Hagatna," Cameron continued, "and we're looking at expanding the commercial and the revitalization of Hagatna to be the metropolis of the whole economic drive and engine of this part of Asia, the only presence of the United States in Asia. We are the nexus - we are the culprit that can allow that to occur, and I think business will be very excited at what can happen."

Cameron expects public hearings to take place later this year.