Guam - Guam may soon have more judges if one presidential hopeful has his way. Although its unclear whether it was a joke or not, Rick Santorum, in a town hall event today in New Hampshire spoke on abolishing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and sending judges who are guaranteed lifetime appointments to Guam.

Island lawmakers including Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz and Minority Leader Frank Blas, Jr. took these remarks in stride, rather seeing it more as an opportunity for Guam. "I know that a number of conservative members of senate had real concerns about the judges,," said Cruz. "I would welcome those judges, it would help us move all of our backlogs if he wants to ship them out here and pay for them to be here but they're excellent and brilliant judges."

Blas added, "The thing that I see is that it does bring to light that Guam is out there, now it's up to us and it continues to be up to us to educate people on Guam and its value and it's important to this American family."

Santorum was defeated by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in the Iowa Caucus yesterday.

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo wrote of the comments, "As a GOP presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum shows an appalling lack of understanding of the circuit courts and the independence of our judiciary under the Constitution.  I imagine that he has not yet figured out that he may need Guam's delegate votes, and those of the other territories, to win the Republican nomination.  If we come to that point, I am sure that our Republican friends on Guam will give Mr. Santorum a real education about our island and our sensitivity to being portrayed as some far flung outpost."