Guam - Although they'll be starting work soon without carrying weapons, debate continued at the Guam Legislature over whether school resource officers should be armed.  Only two people showed up to testify on a measure that would require schools to be gun free zones. 

Guam Police Department Major Fred Chargualaf didn't express an opinion about SROs carrying guns; instead, he explained the problem with completely banning firearms. "I'm at my grandson's school and the law passes that I can't carry my firearm. I have to take my firearm, put it in the compartment, unload it, separate the ammo and stuff. Columbine High School appears in Guam, I cannot use my weapon," he said.

Much to the disappointment of the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Department of Education did not attend the public hearing.  Chief Deputy Attorney General Phil Tydingco suggested lawmakers make a few adjustments to the bill.  Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz, however, had his own concerns asking why the AG's Office hasn't reviewed the issue of having SROs carry firearms at schools. 

Tydingco responded by saying the office had not been asked to look into the issue.