Guam - An internal affairs investigation is underway at Guam Customs and Quarantine after a truckload of illegal fireworks were found at the Poly Ocean Trading Import and Wholesale warehouse in Harmon. Fire inspectors conducting Operation Dragon Slayer found the illegal items inside a delivery truck with California license plates that arrived on Guam in late-November.

Customs Spokesperson Lt. Ferdinand Soriano says Internal Affairs is looking into how the fireworks made it pass Customs agents. "Customs is working actively to prevent anymore of this stuff from coming in, we just want to ensure the public that we are working our due diligence to make sure a lot of these prohibited items don't come in."

GFD has since confiscated and destroyed the fireworks along with those found at Hanna Market, New Eden Market, G Market, New Yes Market, Harmon Store, Maite Town Store, and H&A Mart. GFD forwarded the findings to the attorney general's office for prosecution.