Guam - There was positive testimony provided today for Senator Mana Silva Taijeron's Bill 389, which would provide minimum drug testing requirements for Government of Guam employees and applicants. The Department of Administration wholeheartedly supports the intent of the measure to establish an all encompassing uniform drug policy in Guam law. 

DOA, however, did have some suggested amendments to the measure.  Human Resources Division Personnel Specialist Michael Schniep said, "When it comes to reasonable suspicion for example if a supervisor feels that employee is under the influence, currently right now we do have the drug free workplace that does address those issues as well so again those are some of the recommendations that can be removed from the bill and it should be addressed into policy."

Currently drug testing for the Executive Branch is mandated through an executive order and the legislature has no policy. DOA says policy changes can be made through the Administrative Adjudication Act rather than having to change the law, if the measure is passed.