Guam - The Port Authority is ready to forge ahead with implementing its modernization program. After resolving some challenges, the Port board, the Port Users Group, the governor and the Legislature have notified the Maritime Administration that they are ready to move forward. 

Port chairman Dan Tydingco said, "In that vein, an effort is already underway between the Congresswoman Bordallo and Senator (Tom) Ada to coordinate a joint meeting with MARAD officials to find out where we're out, why we're bogged down, if we're bogged down, and how do we move forward with this process? Because as far as the other stakeholders are concerned, we've been ready to roll and ready to move."

Officials are also seeking an update on an Inspector General report that noted deficiencies with the Port's wharf properties. Meanwhile the Port has also been in discussion with several potential shippers that have shown an interest in filling the gap left by horizon Lines last month. Tydingco said he is hopeful someone will become a viable competitor to Matson soon.