Guam - 48-year-old Nannette Palomo and 39-year-old Therny Kaselen were fed up with waking up feeling tired with zero energy. "I have high blood pressure and I felt I just have to do something about this and the smoking, I wanted to quit smoking," said Palomo.

Kaselen said, "I can barely walk that far so I was thinking about my health and how it's not right."

Both women had heard about Zumba from friends and through an ad in the paper and decided to give it a try. The ladies said they loved to dance and felt in their element. Combining Zumba with a better diet helped Palomo lose 12 lbs since October and Kaselen lose over 25 lbs. since September and they now have the energy and motivation.

"When they see us they are like, 'Wow, what happened?' but that is what motivates me to go and do makes me happy," said Palomo.

Now the two encourage family and friends to try out Zumba. "Give it a won't know until you give it a try and if they need that push, I'll even take you and we'll do it together," she said.