Guam - What used to be a military water pump station now lays a piece of Government of Guam property known to have soil contaminated with PCBs, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency and their federal counterparts for the past two weeks have worked to excavate the contaminated soil at Agana Springs caused by a spill from the former pump station and old transformers. 

USEPA on-scene coordinator Michelle Rogow tells KUAM News that the military has since declined to participate in the cleanup, so her team will ship the soil for proper disposal at a hazardous waste disposal facility in the States. "We did not find harmful levels of PCBs within Hagatna Pond, but we did find some pretty notable levels on land. Our goal is to remove the stuff that is on land so it doesn't transport into the pond that it stays out of the waterway and this property is safe for kids to play and people to come and use the pond."

The team did their first round of sampling last week, which showed decreasing levels of PCBs. She adds the second round of excavation results won't be released until after New Year's.