Guam - After waiting 60 years, three acres of land will finally be returned to its original owners. Following a 10-day period for any comments contesting the estate, the Guam Ancestral Lands Commission report that since there were no opposition, they will award the property back to the estate of Jose Cruz Santos and Marcela Quenga Cruz.

GALC chairperson Anita Orlino says the landowners never thought today would be a reality, saying, "I really think that for these families, these are a dream come true and they've been waiting for this, and we're moving forward in having to right the wrong."

Late last month the GLUC held a title hearing for the Piti property within the federal released parcel of Apra Harbor Reservation B-2. GALC has awarded more than 100 deed signings this year and will continue to push for more. The deed signing will be held at their next meeting on December 28.