Guam - The Consolidated Commission on Utilities approved the Guam Power Authority's request to petition the Public Utilities Commission for their approval to adjust the Levelized Energy Adjustment Clause (LEAC) or Fuel Recovery Surcharge on your monthly bill at this evening's CCU meeting. GPA General Manager Joaquin Flores says the petition equates a decrease of approximately 1.9% or $5.08 for an average residential consumption of 1,000 Kwh on the overall residential customer bill.

He adds as the use of fossil fuels continue to play a significant role with the power industry on Guam, changes are being planned due to several factors including international instability of fuel oil prices in the past several months. "We are happy to make this announcement to our customers," Flores said. 

"GPA will continue to look and evaluate any opportunity to reduce our operating costs so that any savings can be passed on to our customers."