Guam - The Guam Memorial Hospital's board of trustees will meet this week to discuss a range of issues from cost-cutting measures, such as implementing a 32-hour workweek for administrative personnel to looking for a new administrator. In the midst of a financial crisis, the hospital is anticipating a visit by the Joint Commission within the next month or two. 

Chief financial officer Siva Karuppan says the hospital has addressed all of the concerns raised by JCO during a previous surprise inspection.  The survey team is expected to make a determination if the deficiencies have adequately been addressed.  Karuppan is confident that GMH is prepared for the visit whenever it happens and says the finances have improved slightly. "We are in better shape now than we were a month ago, primarily due to the inflow of money from the tax garnishments," he explained. "We now have a bit of breathing room; we still owe vendors a lot of money, this is only half but at least it's something and the local vendors are very happy."

GMH received about $6,000,000 from garnished tax refunds. The board meanwhile will meet on Wednesday when they'll get a more detailed report on the hospital's finances and discuss other issues including the cost-cutting plan that they ordered management to complete.