Guam - Legalizing prostitution in Guam is an idea brought to the table during a public hearing this morning on legislation aiming to regulate legitimate massage therapy businesses. It's no secret it's been happening locally for years, and according to Public Health director Jim Gillan, it's up to the Legislature to do something about it.

Gillan said, "I'm just saying recognize what's going on what do you want to do about it?  if nothing then let's just pretend it's not there." Senator Aline Yamashita then noted, "I don't think we're going to pretend I think we're really going to look at the issue."

Although Bill 351 aims to separate and regulate the legitimate businesses where massage therapy is practiced - Gillan believes that the legislation isn't going to resolve the illicit activity in so-called massage parlors. Senator Tom Ada said, "We've all been tiptoeing around like eggshells here that really while on the one hand I guess we're trying to regulate the legit, but I guess we're really all concerned about the questionable sexual activities, prostitution right? "And you Mr. Gillan, you indicated that question needs to be addressed by the people on this side of the table. And are you suggesting then that maybe the issue we should be looking at is that should legalize proposition so that then the government can go in an regulate that industry.

It's interesting to point out that although prostitution is illegal in Guam, when applying for a health certificate for massage therapy there's two separate applications: one that requires an STD test, and the other that doesn't.  Public Health Environmental Division Administrator Tom Nadeau says the reason being is because of outcry from legitimate massage therapists who felt they shouldn't have to take an STD test. Nadeau made those comments about the applications after a question from Senator Tony Ada, who recommended all applicants take an std test.

In 2009 KUAM News conducted a hidden camera investigation, revealing what really happens inside several so-called massage parlors. Our cameras uncovered sex for sale.

For the time being, the public has ten days to submit testimony on the legislation to the Legislature.