Guam - More details are being released about this weekend's hostage situation in Yona, as the man accused of barricading himself and three minors inside a home appeared in court this afternoon. 30-year-old Greg Thomas Taisipic is being held behind bars on $10,000 cash bail. The prosecution claims Taisipic imposed physical and emotional pain on three of his children.

Assistant Attorney General Lisa Hack recommended Taisipic stay in prison. "The defendant barricaded his wife and three kids, very dangerous situation and threatened to kill them not to mention his rap sheet, the defendant is on pretrial release in another case and he's not following the laws of Guam and may not be able to follow court conditions," she announced.

In July, Taisipic was arrested for allegedly breaking into an Ambros van and stealing cigarettes.  During a search warrant at his home, police found him in possession of a glass pipe that contained crystal methamphetamine residue. While he waits to go to trial in that case, he now faces family violence, child abuse and terrorizing charges stemming from Sunday's incident in Yona. 

According to court documents, Taisipic arrived at the home demanding to see his children.  While a 15-year-old and 10-year-old got into his car, a 7-year-old refused and Taisipic allegedly punched the child in the face.  He's accused of taking a bucket of rope, a machete and a knife telling the children's mother that he would kill the minors before police came.  GPD's Crisis Negotiation Team spent an hour trying to get Taisipic to come out, after nailing the door shut.  When he refused SWAT gained entry and arrested him. 

Despite what happened, family members including the children's mother appeared in court today, claiming Taisipic isn't a violent person. "I would like the court to know the victim is here in the courtroom and has asked for the defendant's release and that this is the first time he has ever done anything of this nature and would like you to consider that as well," said Hack.

A request denied by Magistrate Judge Alberto Tolentino. "You face a potential zero-to-three years in jail and a $5,000 fine if you are convicted of these crimes," he stated.

Taisipic's mother, Dolores Palomo, declined an on camera interview outside the courtroom today but admitted that her son appeared to be high on "something" that day. Taisipic meanwhile remains behind bars awaiting his next hearing scheduled for December 9.