Guam - Representatives from Guam Resource Recovery Partners attended last night's hearing in Santa Rita about the proposed landfill in Atantano, Santa Rita.  GRRP's David Sablan says the company heard many of the concerns that were brought up in the past. He says there were many inaccurate statements made by residents regarding the company's proposed landfill and waste-to-energy facility. 

Sablan contends GRRP's landfill at Atantano is actually going to be cheaper than the new one just built at Layon, noting, "How much is this Guatali landfill going to cost us verses what we're paying now? You and I are paying about $30 a month for this service, and is it worth it? If you're a small household of two or three bags of garbage a week and you're paying $30 a month for that, is it cost effective for you? But if we were charging you half of that, which is what the Guatali landfill could possibly put forth as far as a rate base for our clients, then why not?"

Sablan added that if the landfill at Guatali is built, the company believes they will be able to attract business because they will offer cheaper services and at the same time be a good neighbor and manage solid waste well.  GRRP is optimistic that the Guam EPA will review its application and the information they provided in a positive light.