Guam - St. Francis Catholic School has been broken into 42 times since the start of the year.  First, students' backup clothing and classroom supplies went missing. Last week it was snacks and food, and now the school's turkeys that were to be used for the annual family luncheon have been stolen. 

It's a repeat of what happened last year, as student affairs administrator Kevin Delgado said, "People have already come forward wanting to donate turkeys, but it's beyond that it's more than just the turkeys. This is happening every single week and we're totally relying on the Guam Police Department and the help of the community."

The school has installed additional locks and covered windows and pleaded with GPD to make their rounds at the campus on the weekends but the burglars are still making their way in. Delgado says students are growing more and more frustrated and will be sending out a recorded message to the public on Tuesday.