Guam - Starting November 19th, the Guam Community College will be offering a Basic Home Improvement Class. Students will learn to install, troubleshoot, and repair basic home components that do not require certification to perform. The course, which will be taught by certified professionals, includes five components: painting, carpentry, plumbing, tiling, and electrical. 

Here's the press release from GCC announcing the new class:

GCC to offer Basic Home Improvement class starting Nov. 19th

Move over Tim Allen! Now you can be a home improvement guru, thanks to a new Basic Home Improvement course being offered at Guam Community College starting November 19. Learn how to install, troubleshoot, and repair basic home components that do not require certification to perform. Included in each course are the safety components that will allow you to perform these installations and repairs in a safe and successful manner, and save yourself some money in the process.

Learn how to

• Change out a light switch

• Change out light fixtures

• Paint a room correctly

• Install a faucet or a sink and more

The Basic Home Improvement course contains five components: Painting, carpentry, plumbing, tiling, and electrical. A certified professional teaches each component. Students will learn how to perform the skills associated with each component in GCC's fully stocked labs.

"We wanted to offer these home improvement courses as a way to empower people and give them an introduction into components of the Construction Trades industry that they might not have considered. Often, continuing education courses spark an interest that can lead to a job or business opportunity," said Victor Rodgers, GCC assistant director of Continuing Education & Workforce Development.

Classes start November 19, according to the following schedule and prices:


PACKAGE COST FOR ALL 5 COURSES: $600 per student

(Maximum 20 students per class.)



2011 DATES

PAINTING (8 hrs)

$125 per student

Saturday, Nov 19: 8am-5pm


$125 per student

Saturday, Nov 26: 8am-5pm

TILING (8hrs)

$125 per student

Saturday, Dec 10: 8am – 5pm

PLUMBING (16 hrs)

$175 per student

T/W/Thu/F:  Nov 29 –Dec 2: 6pm-8pm and Saturday, Dec 3:  8am – 5pm


$175 per student

T/W/Thu/F:  Dec 13 – 16:  6pm-8pm and Saturday, Dec 17: 8am – 5pm



 For more information, log onto To sign up, call GCC's Office of Continuing Education & Workforce at 735-5574.