Guam - It's a story that would make anyone feel unsafe: Living on our tiny island and news that a man was kidnapped and tortured for several hours. And at the core of this alleged crime: drugs.

Wearing an orange DOC jumpsuit, Mateo Sardoma, Jr. sat next to his attorney for his magistrate's hearing. He along with Rudy Sablan face several charges including kidnapping, felonious restraint, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm without an id and possession of a scheduled ii controlled substance. As we first reported, the pair allegedly kidnapped and tortured a subcontractor that Sardoma hired to do renovations at his house for several hours the two allegedly tortured the victim because they believed he had stolen a pound of Ice from Sardoma's house.

In court today Sardoma's attorney asked for m ore time so that relevant documents can be provided to him.  "I am without a rap sheet relative to my client to show his prior cases and history of reporting and as your honor knows part of the factor the court takes a time of bail imposing bail is the prior arrest record and compliance with court order 229 because I haven't received that discovery I am at a disadvantage," said Attorney Curtis Van De Veld. "As well as the wrap sheet for the complainant in this case, Mr. Gunda who I am informed is a prior convicted felon."

Van De Veld questions the victims credibility because of his criminal history. According to court documents, the victim admitted to being a user of the drug Ice. The government has until Friday at 10 am to provide the documents relative to Van De Veld's request - the same day the prosecution intends to go before a grand jury to have Sardoma and Sablan indicted. As we reported, authorities found the gun and handcuffs allegedly used during the incident, several thousand dollars in cash, surveillance equipment, liquid methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Van De Veld already detailed a part of his argument today, saying, "I've advised government counsel I will be filing a motion to suppress the evidence based on the fact that the search warrant utilize in this case did not have attachment A referenced within the search warrant itself under a line of cases from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - there's a requirement saying if you are going to rely on an attachment it must be physically attached to the warrant which was not done in this case."

However, Magistrate Judge Alberto Tolentino recommended the motion be brought before Judge Michael Bordallo who was assigned the case. Van De Veld also disagrees with his client's $500,000 bail set, calling it excessive.

Sardoma will return to court on November 9 for a continued bail hearing and arraignment. He and Sablan face 20 years to life for the continuing criminal enterprise as well as 10 to 25 years for kidnapping.