Guam - A woman who had a blood alcohol level of nearly three times the legal limit claims she was sexually assaulted by police when she was arrested Monday night. The Guam Police Department has launched an internal affairs investigation into allegations police officers sexually assaulted a female arrestee.  

25-year-old Michelle Hendrix was arrested after she crashed into a parked car in Chalan Pago and was seen walking away from the scene of the crash. According to court documents, when officers approached her, she smelled of alcohol and began cursing at them and allegedly hit a police officer and kicked another. GPD Spokesperson Officer A.J. Balajadia confirms the woman made claims of sexual impropriety that are now being investigated.
"We take those allegations very seriously, it can ruin a police officers reputation, whether or not they are false or true that's something we need to take a look at and take it very serious," he explained. 
Hendrix was taken to Naval Hospital in Agana Heights where she was found to be in good condition before she was confined.  She was arrested on two counts of assaulting a peace officer, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and public drunkenness.