Guam - Emergency response will have a new look with the arrival of four ambulances that Mid Pac Far East will lease to the Government of Guam. The vehicles should be road ready by next week as they are currently undergoing inspections and other regulatory processing through the Department of Revenue & Taxation. 

The ambulances will augment the Guam Fire Department's current ailing fleet. "Recent events revealing the struggles of Guam's emergency medical services further demonstrate the need for the government to focus on its priorities. Ensuring the safety and welfare of the people of Guam is one of our most important mandates.  It is unacceptable for us to operate with inadequate emergency services when lives are at stake," said Acting Governor Ray Tenorio.  "We're making headway in resolving GFD's most critical issues and we're committed to making sure these challenges don't affect this community further. I would like to thank the Governor and Lt. Governor for all the assistance they have given us," Acting Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas stated.

Meanwhile an invitation for bid for the purchase of four new ambulances, that will be funded through a half-million dollar grant from the Department of the Interior, was published today.