Guam - There are more troubles for Able Industries. In the midst of an ongoing Department of Labor investigation, the company was unable to make payroll on Friday. The majority of those who are employed at Able are individuals with disabilities.    

Several employees, who declined on-camera interviews for fear of retribution, said they feel demoralized as they showed up to their respective project sites today and were told they may be paid tomorrow or possibly next week. The employees are concerned about paying their bills and keeping food on the table for their families. Able President and CEO Ken Leon Guerrero, and Able board chairman Moe Cotton, have not returned our calls for comment.  

Able meanwhile is currently under scrutiny for failing to more than a half-million dollars in health and welfare benefits to its employees as the USDOL is conducting an investigation into payroll records. Able is the largest employer of individuals with disabilities on the island.