Guam - The Guam Community College offers more programs for adults who didn't finish high school to earn their diploma. Adults who didn't finish high school now have three options to earn their diploma through programs offered at GCC.

According to assistant director of communications and promotions Jayne Flores, earning a high school diploma has never been so convenient. The first option is to obtain the GED, a respected high school equivalency credential. "You first have to come to GCC and you take an appraisal test," she said. "If you score 236 or higher on the appraisal test, then you can just take the GED."

Flores says the GED test costs $37. If you don't pass the appraisal, you can take GED preparatory classes at no cost. Also available at no cost is the Adult High School Program. Students who take these routes to earn their diploma will have the option to participate in GCC's graduation exercises. For those looking to work at earning their diploma at their own pace, the Online Adult High School Program is for you.

"Normally GCC does not take online high school diplomas, but this is accredited through ED2GO and Gatline, and we've had this longstanding relationship with them," Flores continued. She adds that this option costs about $1,300, but perks include online supervision from an academic coach as well as a team of certified teachers. The online approach also prepares students with computer skills and on-the-job skills. 

"They graduate online and with a high school diploma and a career certificate, and there's a lot of career preparation that's done completely online. You go at your own pace, so you can do it as quickly or as slowly as you want to."

Flores is excited to have GCC move forward with technology, saying, "Online education technology - it's the way of the future."