Guam - The Guam Micronesian Island Fair kicks-off tomorrow and local cultural craftsman Frank Matanane, with Kiko's Local Art, says his parents and family and the island are the driving force behind his creative artistry. "I've been doing this ever since 2008 and when I came back from the mainland, my father started carving out of wood, bamboo, stuff like that from there on I just caught up with the trade and then we ventured out into shells and from there this is where we're at."

Matanane's love for a local style of jewelry and desire to represent Guam artists right are what he says makes his craftsmanship so meaningful. He Feels everyone either living here on Guam or abroad should have a piece of their culture with them where ever they are. "If you're from the island and you're heading out off-island at least have something with you to represent your culture," he explained.

When it's time to get down to the business side of things, Matanane has an arsenal of natural materials. Guaranteed to give those that want these items exactly what are looking for. "We use aliling clam orange spondalis cone shells stalactite stalagmite basalt and various other types of shells and stones, even some exotic stones that come from off-island, but we make sure to tell customers this is not from our island, it's from another country or origin," said Matanane.

When you make your way to the GMIF tomorrow, be sure to have a look at the plethora of local arts and crafts.  Matanane says he's looking forward to eyeing the broad selection.  If it's a sinahi, custom pendant, bracelet, hooks or Guam Seals, the guam Micronesia Island Fair will definitely have an item you're looking for.  The prices will be good, the artwork will be great and that's something the whole family can enjoy. The GMIF begins tomorrow through Sunday and will satisfy your urge to get out of the house and satisfy your cultural craving no matter what part of Micronesia you come from.