Guam - The Simon Sanchez High School Sharks are tired of waiting for the Department of Education to do something about their vandalism problems. As part of a "Leave Your Mark" school project, students from Gretchen Andres' English 12 class proposed the "Nikko Shark Guard".   

Senior Sarah Garcia told KUAM News, "We are tired of words we would love to see action…this is a project to challenge our leaders to tell them that hey if we can come up with something as students, you can come up with something and help us."

Last week, 33 students visited Hotel Nikko Guam's general manager Joe Blas. Overwhelmed by their initiative, Blas couldn't refuse their request to provide much needed security for the Yigo campus. "When the security officers are off from their shift they live up here they patrol around on their volunteer time," he explained.

The "Nikko Shark Guard" is proving effective. Blas is happy to report that his volunteer staffers are also making recommendations to deter school vandalism. Blas adds however, that his volunteer staff is only a temporary fix.

According to DOE interim superintendent Taling Taitano, a safety committee of school principals, village mayors, and the Guam Police Department are working together towards a permanent fix to school break-ins. In the meantime, Taitano is grateful the community is taking interest, saying, "I'm very happy that the Nikko is working with our Simon Sanchez students in any effort to help us with that."

"We certainly welcome assistance from the community."