Guam - Public Works director and former senator Joanne Brown says Senator Ben Pangelinan should just pick up the phone and give her a call if he has concerns about her agency. This, she says, would reduce the time an effort being spent on writing formal correspondence.

At issue is a letter Senator Pangelinan wrote to brown requesting she comply with public law mandating that DPW submit a project plan of action for the completion of the Bile and Pigua Bay bridges in Merizo, which renovations have been substantially delayed because the bridges are located on private property and therefore cannot be funded with federal monies until the issues are resolved.

Brown responded that she in fact turned in the plan in question back in July to Legislative Secretary Tina Muna Barnes. According to that plan, property issues are being resolved with final completion of the bridges expected in January 2014. The DPW director welcomes Senator Pangelinan in the future to give her a call to simplify the process of requesting information of this nature, stating, "I don't think these common courtesies have gone out of style".