Guam - The Guam Judiciary received yet another bomb threat this morning. According to director of policy, planning and community relations Maria Cenzon, all court employees and patrons are being evacuated from the building. All residents who may have business at the court are advised to refrain from coming to the facility at this time.

Cenzon adds safety precautions and standard procedures have been commenced, and roads will be closed-off around the courthouse, as responders perform their investigation. This is the fifth reported bomb threat at the Judiciary in recent weeks.

Information about how the court received the call of the bomb threat has not yet been released.

In addition to local law enfrorcement agencies including GPD, DHS and GFD, the FBI has responded as well to this latest threat to the safety of patrons and employees of the Judiciary. Federal resources are now contributing to the local law enforcement efforts to address the bomb threats to the judicial branch.

The GPD bomb detection dogs are searching the facilities. Officials says all hearings scheduled for Judge Arthur Barcinas will proceed as scheduled once operation resumes at the courthouse.