Guam - More details are being released about what led up the triple-homicide in Harmon last month. Criminal Investigations Division Operations Chief Lieutenant Scott Wade says the incident was alcohol-fueled. "One of the groups - the Chuukese gangs from this last incident were involved in an underground fight with another underground Chuukese gang earlier and from that they encountered another group they fought a month ago at Ypao Beach and from that they decided to go and celebrate by drinking alcohol in an abandoned warehouse," he explained.

Police wrapped up the investigation, and the case is currently making its way through the court system. Wade notes there was more street gang activity on Guam in the late-80's and the early-90's. He admits there is a rise in Chuukese gangs on Guam who group up in large numbers for survival reasons.

It's a problem the island's mayors are working on with FSM leaders. Mayor's Council of Guam executive director Angel Sablan said, "But then there are those the few bad ones who really reek havoc on the community, graffiting all the bus stops, breaking into homes, and killing each other and we just got to nip this in the bud and do something about it, so we've come together and mayor's want to be part of these communities."

Sablan says mayors are working to host more activities through their community center's to deter gang violence.