Guam - Friday marked the last day for the Chamorro Lands Trusts Commission and Guam Ancestral Lands Commission as separate entities before they merge into the Department of Land Management tomorrow. New director Monte Mafnas tells KUAM News that the consolidation will provide an improved amount of services to the people of Guam, especially the beneficiaries of the trust and the claimants of ancestral lands.

He hopes to follow on one of the governor's efforts to reduce redundancies in the workforce and not waste GovGuam money or time.

"All I can promise is to work assiduously to the best of my ability and consolidating the agencies together is one of the first foremost concerns," Mafnas explained. "That way, I can go upstairs, downstairs as needed, meeting with the staff and division heads and addressing the problems in a day-to-day manner."

CLTC and GALC will move into Land Management's offices in the ITC Building in Hagatna. Mafnas says one of his first plans as director is to scan, index and input all of the documents and data of land management, leases and applications of CLTC and deeds of the GALC and make it readily available on the Internet - a goal he hopes to finally accomplish after decades of trying. He adds the new Land Management will provide a notary public in one place for all payments.

The land agencies consolidation is first part of Governor Eddie Calvo's reorganization plans for GovGuam.