Guam - Unlike previous nominees, Public Safety Oversight Chair Senator Adolpho Palacios says he support the appointment of Joey San Nicolas as chief of the Guam Fire Department. Palacios saying he even met him with before the appointment was official.

But while he may support him, the Democrat lawmaker says he is reviewing his application closely to ensure he actually meets all the requirements to serve in the position. Palacios said San Nicolas did not serve as a battalion chief as required by law. He will be looking at whether his military service in the National Guard can be used in its place. "I understand that he holds the rank of 1st LT, I don't know the nature of the function, I will request, with national guard a copy of, job, specs and compare, with job specs of battalion chief," he said.

Palacios adds he will conduct an independent review and conduct a confirmation hearing before the December legislative session.