Guam - The Guam International Airport Authority's board of directors ratified a $2.2 million federal grant recently awarded through the Military Airport Program. The funds will be used to demolish the former naval housing area in Tiyan as well as the current Guam Police Department Headquarters.

The project is part of the agency's ongoing expansion efforts. Board chair Mike Ysrael says this funding will make it possible for the airport to accomplish transportation services as well as bring in more airlines. "This is a vital part and the airport is very immediately involved, while we have the transportation of Guam coming along our side we are also responsible for trying to increase the size of our airport so we can handle larger and more important type of pay loads and that is in sometimes a conflict," he said.  

The airport is working to secure a $1.4 million grant to help offset the $3.7 million total price tag for demolition. The airport would have lost the funds if GPD did not move out of its Tiyan facility.

While GPD assures the airport they will be out by the end of the month, GPD still owes three months backrent of nearly $60,000.