Guam - After four days of debate during special session lawmakers finally rose from the Committee of the Whole and voted on Bill 1-4-S sent down by the governor Tuesday to address technical problems he had with the bond bill, which he signed into law earlier this week. Governor Eddie Calvo said what was supposed to be simple language turned into a prolonged debate over an amendment to fulfill the bond proposal's intent.

Calvo defended the home tax exemption amendment was critical to the bond borrowing, noting, "We have put that language in there to ensure that in keeping with the spirit of 90 percent, we deal with the issues of the tax refunds that are ready for processing, those A-process tax refunds."

Lawmakers passed Bill 1-4-S with a vote of 11 yeahs, three no's and one excused absence. Voting no were Speaker Judi Won Pat, Vice Speaker BJ Cruz and Senator Ben Pangelinan. Senator Tina Muna Barnes was not present during the voting.

Lawmakers meanwhile went into another session to discuss legislation to extend the term limit for a DOE superintendent to serve in an acting capacity until a new one is hired. The two candidates who were in the running for the job failed recently to garner enough support from the Guam Education Board, this left Taling Taitano to serve in an acting capacity indefinitely.  Bill 313 needs to pass to ensure she's able to continue serving until a new superintendent is hired.