Guam - On Monday, students at F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School in Yigo received a handful of computers courtesy of Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio's "Comps for Kids" program. The lucky teachers who were able to get computers for their classrooms were grateful because now they are able to help promote technology.

Comps for Kids was founded during Tenorio's service to the island as senator. It is a community-based program where donated computers are refurbished and then provided to institutions where children can use them for personal and academic development.

Students must use computers at school to prepare for entering the workforce. Computers draw students into learning, and research shows that students perform better when computers are accessible. Computers enhance lessons and excite students. They are more likely to learn, succeed in school and be ready for the work force. Students also like using computers because they relate to technology and are comfortable learning this way.

According to the lt. Governor, the computers are in good working order and are equipped with an operating system, keyboard, mouse, and flat screen monitors.

He does add that the comps for kids program is always seeking donations of more computers, as well as monitors, mice and keyboards noting that the job is not done and work will continue until every student on Guam has access to a good, working computer to further their academic future.