Guam - Governor Calvo provides the following reaction to tonight's news of the passage of the bond:
"This bill pays for many things, but it reduced the amount for tax refunds, and it stretched out the wait for many people to get their refunds. It's unfortunate that it had to come to this compromise in order to get the vote needed to pass it. But, hey, this was the most the Democrat leadership decided to give. A lot of tax refunds will be released. That's a great thing for many struggling people. The remainder of the COLA will be paid. That's a great thing for the retirees, who've been waiting for years. 
"I know the vote was 12 to 3 for this bill, but I want to clarify some things for the record. When you get your tax refund after this bond sells, I want you to remember the seven senators who fought hardest to get you this refund. If you're one of the people left out, I want you to know which seven senators fought so that you'd be included. Throughout this very long and arduous process, it was Senators Tony Ada, Frank Blas, Jr., Chris Duenas, Sam Mabini, Dennis Rodriguez, Jr., Mana Silva Taijeron and Aline Yamashita who fought hardest to get those tax refunds and COLA to you.
"They were ridiculed. They were insulted. They endured the ugly side of politics. But, they stood strong and never let the politics get in the way of what they believed was right. They fought hard for your tax refunds. They listened to your cries for justice. They simply wanted to pay you back what this government has been stealing from you for years. I also thank Sens. Adolpho Palacios, Tina Muna Barnes and Judi Guthertz for their vote in favor of the compromise bill. Throughout the entire process, they did not play politics. They eagerly wanted to know the truth and to have the facts. In the end, they agreed with the compromise version.
"It's important you know who fought for you throughout this process. I'm very proud of Tony, Frank, Chris, Sam, Dennis, Mana and Aline. I think we should all be proud of them. This bill passed because they would not give up on you.

"I also thank my fiscal team - Bernie Artero, Benita Manglona, John Rios, Karl Pangelinan, Lester Carlson, Tina Garcia, John Camacho, Marie Benito, Steve Guerrero, Art Ilagan, Henry Cruz, Abigail Reyes, Dee Chaco, Jennifer Santos, Natalia Faculo, Corey Diaz, Goody Rosario, Tom Paulino, Oreo Guerrero, Nancy Mesa, John Pangelinan, Bill Taitingfong, Paul Pablo, Lorraine Guerrero and Kathy Kakigi - and my Chief Policy Advisor Arthur Clark, Legal Counsel James Canto, External Affairs advisor Telo Taitague and Economic Affairs advisor Henry Taitano. They spent all day and all night, every day and every weekend for the past few weeks to get this done. They went through so much because they believed in doing what is right. They put themselves through the yelling and the harrassment from some in the legislature, and they endured. Like me, they knew the only thing that mattered was paying the tax refunds and COLA, and bringing fiscal discipline back to the government.
"And finally, I thank you for speaking up. I thank you for calling and emailing senators. I thank you for calling the Breakfast Show with Ray Gibson & Patti Arroyo, for calling the Patti Arroyo Show, for calling the Big Show with Travis Coffman, and for calling the Buzz with Jesse Lujan to speak your mind. I thank you for your letters to the editor in the Pacific Daily News and the Marianas Variety. I thank the men and women of the Guam Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Guam Medical Society, the Guam Medical Association, the Guam Association of Realtors, the Office of Public Accountability and the Mayors Council of Guam for rallying behind this effort.
"I thank the community for coming out to support this effort. This was citizen government at its best. This was people power at work."