Guam - An autopsy was conducted on the three young men who were fatally stabbed in Harmon over the weekend. Court documents identify them as Rex Nanoto, Alferson Muritok and Michael Pucholong. Police say the tragedy was a result of a local gang involved in underground fighting.

The magistrate's complaint states at 6:50 pm Saturday, Nanoto observed 20–year–old Vimson Jay Menisio holding a knife in his hand and circling behind another individual identified as Vicpo Mius in the parking lot of Hanna Market in Harmon. Nanoto then pushed Menisio, and the two struggled just before Menisio allegedly stabbed Nanoto in the back. Nanoto was pronounced dead at the Guam Memorial Hospital. Documents state witnesses at the scene saw 19–year–old Osupwang Jery Muritok allegedly start the disturbance, adding that he was in the company of several others.

About seven hours later at 2:15am Sunday, Menisio was at an abandoned warehouse near the Dededo flea market drinking beer and vodka with Steven Muritok and Osupwang Muritok bragging about the alleged fight at Hanna Market. Court documents state Mius' cousin Michael Pucholong was upset over the incident and stabbed Steven Muritok in the head before he fled towards the Ukudo pipeline road. Steven Muritok is in a coma at GMH in very serious condition on life support. Documents go on to state Menisio and 19–year–old Benny Sam Robert along with others who were minors chased Pucholong. During that time, Pucholong allegedly stabbed Alferson Muritok to death. His body was taken immediately to the medical examiner's office. The complaint also states Osupwang told police he was confronting Pucholong when Robert allegedly stabbed him. Puchulong was also pronounced dead at GMH. Chief medical examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola says he could not release the results of his autopsy until the police investigation is complete.

Meantime, Vimson Menisio is being held on $1million cash bail charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault as a 1st degree felony, and rioting as a 3rd degree felony both with a special allegation of possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony. Benny Robert who is being held on $1million cash bail faces a single count for those same criminal charges, while Osupwang is behind bars on $100,000 cash bail charged for rioting as a 3rd degree felony with the same special allegation. All three were on felony release for a separate case in which they face charges of rioting and aggravated assault. The fourth adult suspect, Jeff Pedro, was charged with rioting and was released, because the AG's Office states his involvement is still under investigation.

A 16 and 15–year–old boy were also confined at the Department of Youth Affairs on charges of rioting, aggravated assault, conspiracy and underage consumption. Court documents state one of the minor's saw Pucholong allegedly stab Alferson. The minor told police Menisio said he "shanked" Pucholong, and that he better not rat him out.  A preliminary hearing for the three adults behind bars is scheduled for September 22nd at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.