Guam - Because she was convicted, the federal government has asked the District Court to issue a money judgment of more than $292,000 against former Blue House Lounge owner Song Ja Cha. In a motion filed with the court, the U.S. Attorney's Office contends the money, that was seized by authorities during a raid of the establishment, represents the wages the workers were never paid for their labor and the proceeds of her illegal business.

Cha was convicted of sex trafficking by force, coercion and enticement to travel for prostitution and conspiracy. The feds are seeking the money judgment which would include the forfeiture of the $250,000 that was discovered during the search of the Blue House. Cha is seeking the return of that money.

She was scheduled to be sentenced later this month but defense attorney Howard Trapp has asked that it be continued as no presentence report was ever submitted and additional time is needed to review the final report.