Guam - The Federation of Asia-Pacific Women welcomes Dr. Leticia Ramos Shahani for their 2012 dinner/fashion show fundraiser scheduled for September 10 at Outrigger Guam resort lobby at 6pm. Dr. Shahani, who has held positions in the Philippine Senate, represented Philippines as ambassador, is a former United Nations secretary general, an accomplished author, and sister of Philippine president Fidel Ramos, will be the featured speaker.

"For the Asian women it's about time they say hey men we're not inferior anymore, 'cause that's the usual Asian style," she said. "The women walking behind the men and always bowing scraping."

Tickets for the fundraising event and fall buying/fashion show for the Kristal Kollection are $50. Funds raised will benefit FAWA, a non-profit organization that promotes closer ties, peace, and goodwill among Asia-Pacific nations.