by KSPN News in Saipan for KUAM News

KSPN News in Saipan is reporting that Sunday morning police responded to a call from a resident in Kagman 3. The resident said his dog discovered a bone in his yard.  Police later discovered human bones scattered in and around an abandoned house and also some clothes. Police have yet to confirm an idenity for the remains, but said that it is human. The FBI was also on the scene.

The body was found near Kagman High School and not far from Kagman Elementary School, where the Luhk girls attended. Police initially estimate the body to have died 3-4 weeks ago. Neighbors
reported a bad smell in the area for the past month. but apparently no one
reported it.  The Luhk sisters went missing May 25.

Neighbors told KSPN News that there had been a bad smell in the area for the past month but no one had reported it to police.