Guam - It seems no one is immune when it comes to the string of burglaries that have been occurring throughout the island. One of the latest victims is Mangilao mayor Nito Blas.

"When we arrived home, we opened the door and that's when we discovered they ransacked the house," said the mayor. Back from an off-island trip Wednesday, Blas returned to a home in shambles. Blas says his grandson before picking them up at the airport noticed the place was broken into and called police. He estimates up to $20,000 of his property was taken.

"All in all, they took TVs, I had two TVs - one in my bedroom - a 19" TV and the kitchen TV - three bushcutters, cordless drill, and a chainsaw," he said.

He says the vandals shattered a side glass window entering the home, and then walking out the front door with his belongings. He also reported a variety of jewelry, loose change in a coin box totaling about $300, military belts, cable boxes and even half a case of spam, corn beef, and Vienna Sausage were taken. Police dusted the place for prints. But even today he and his wife are still trying to clean up through the clothes and other items thrown all over the place.

"They are looking for a way to get rich but they are going to be rich in jail if they get caught," he said.

He also admits this is not the first time his place was broken into in the past few years. He also says there have been over a dozen burglaries in his village this year so far. "I'm just asking the police maybe occasional trips to Mangilao, greater police visibility. We have a koban there but they hardly man it."

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact police or Guam Crimestoppers at 477-HELP(4357).