Guam - The Department of Education is doing its best to correct the deficiencies noted at the island's cafeterias so the new food service provider, Sodexo, can get the necessary permits to operate. DOE food service division program coordinator Ike Fejeran met with contractor J&B, which is working on a complete assessment report of what equipment is salvageable and what needs to be repaired or replaced.

"Right now we're trying to have Sodexo in place ready to move in and start feed our kids by the 22nd of August and what we're trying to do is repair whatever equipment needs to be repaired and also comply with the Public Health's citations that was handed down to DOE cafeterias," said Fejeran.

The contractor is submitting day-to-day results on the status of getting each school cafeteria in compliance with public health regulations. The deficiencies noted at thirteen of the island's cafeterias is the reason why the opening of school was pushed back until the 22nd. Fejeran added that only Tamuning Elementary School's cafeteria has passed inspection so far.