Guam - Controversy continues over the contract for the Guam Medical Referral Office, and although the process is almost complete. A protest is underway questioning how the office went about selecting the successful bid.

The Calvo Administration denies any interference in the procurement of off island medical referral services.  A protest was filed by former Medical Referral Office director Peter Alexcis Ada, who isn't protesting the award to Thomas Fisher and Associates, but rather the process. "Tuesday at 11:15am I decided to pick up my packet only to find out that my papers, the papers that were support to be sealed was opened," Ada shared. "She said she accidentally opened it because she was looking for my bid bond, how can a big document as the bid bond fit in a little small envelope where the price was."

The contract was awarded to the Calvo-Tenorio gubernatorial team's former legal counsel, Tom Fisher, who is also a former law partner of Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio's wife, Naoko Shimizu. Fisher declined comment at this time. Worth $540,000 a year, for up to four years, the deal was signed by governor's chief of staff Frank Arriola and Bureau of Budget Management & Research acting director John Rios.

"It's still ongoing through the procurement process, so I can't speak to the details as much as I would like to," he said. "The reassurance I can give you is that our selection team and negotiating team did their work and I was satisfied with it and signed the contract."

While Arriola says services at the Medical Referral Office are a go, he also says it's important they move ahead with the finalizing the contract, which now awaits the signatures from the attorney general and the governor. Meantime, the former head of the office is still waiting for answers as he feels his bid packet was tampered with.