Guam - After conducting a legal review of Bill 257, the governor put pen to paper this afternoon, signing the measure into law. The news came as the Umatac community spent the day cleaning up the F.Q. Sanchez Elementary School campus today in preparation for the start of classes.

The governor says he was surprised lawmakers decided to include the F.Q. issue with doe's entire budget for the coming fiscal year, telling KUAM News, "The way the bill works out it gives the necessary resources to the board for them to make that decision and with that in mind I fully anticipate that they will make the right decision…the legislature has given me the role in the process that if I do have this capability and granted these powers by the legislature to keep the school open then I will keep the school open."

The governor says his fiscal team will have to determine where to make cuts in the rest of the Executive Branch budget because lawmakers gave an additional ten million dollars to DOE. Education Board member Barry Mead meanwhile tells KUAM News that with the governor signing the bill into law, the board will call a special meeting to make allocations for each school.