Guam - The recent heavy rains has delayed the completion of the Route 2 Agat-Umatac Road Project that's already been delayed because of a change in contractors. Traffic remains reduced to a single lane just south of the Cetti Bay Overlook because of significant erosion. DPW Director Joanne Brown says contractor IMCO General Construction's backfilling work from the week prior was destroyed with the heavy rains last week that caused an additional 20 feet of erosion.

She told KUAM News, "We are aware that we are entering the rainy season and we need to determine whether or not we continue to just simply stabilize and hold off until the dry season commences at the end of the year, or do we redesign the project to address this new situation that has been created but we will be evaluating all those options to determine the best way to proceed."

DPW awarded IMCO the project back in June. Brown is meeting with the Federal Highway Administration, IMCO and consultants to discuss possible solutions as they don't expect the project to be completed this month.