Guam - Several officers are under investigation at the Department of Corrections and evidently it's a probe that's taking investigators to the top of the chain of command. DOC confirms it is conducting an internal investigation into several officers who may have been doing work at a private residence while on the clock.

"There was an incident that took place Friday, a complaint was made in regards to an allegation that officers were working at the Warden's house while on duty," said Lt. Antone Aguon.

Last Friday KUAM News caught an uniformed officer on a backhoe just before noon. Although he told us he was on duty his time sheets indicate he didn't clock out until 12:30 and secured duty as per Warden Frank Crisostomo. Aguon, Depcor's spokesperson, confirms they are investigating the statements by officers and comparing them to the time sheets. KUAM News did speak with the warden, who defends the officers were no longer on duty when they were working at his home.

The officers under investigation were assisting the warden prepare for family members rosary, however Lt. Aguon says that it is standard procedure to conduct such investigations when a complaint is filed with the department. He said, "If the investigation turns out that there was inappropriate conduct on the officers then the director will take action in accordance with the DOA rules and regulations…Mr. (Jose) San agustin is fair and if there is any violation then he will take any action he feel is appropriate," he said.