Guam - The Department of Education is working with various stakeholders in the community, including the Judiciary of Guam, to launch a new bully prevention program for the upcoming school year.  Acting Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Chris Anderson says they will be launching Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports in the elementary schools in an effort to recognize students for good conduct.

"It's sort of a two-pronged approach it's working with the adults how they can work with students with different lessons and different issues of how to address bullying, but its also how to empower students how to identify bullying, because bullying really happens at that level so if we can identify some of the alpha leaders the folks who are influential in their different groups to be a part of the solution that's also an affective part of this process," he added.

Anderson adds that students will be encouraged to take ownership of being in a safe school and ensuring their classmates are safe. DOE teachers, school aides, administrators and school bus drivers recently underwent bullying prevention training to learn about the new program that will be implemented when school begins.