Guam - Guam's streets just got a little brighter as 16 energy efficient streetlights were installed with the hopes of saving both consumers and the Guam Power Authority more money. From yellow-orange to a brighter white, the color rendering of the island's streetlights just got a little clearer as the utility agency recently installed the devices along Marine Corps Drive in East Hagatna, near the Barrigada's Mayor's Office and Ironwood Estates.

GPA distribution engineer Louis Camacho said with more than 16,000 streetlights on Guam, he hopes the pilot project will reduce as much power as possible and hopefully save consumers money. "A lot of the states out in the U.S. are going towards induction and LED," he explained. "We want to reduce our carbon footprint; it's not just the amount of power being used at the light, it's also the power losses on the line to get it from generation to the light itself."

GPA received $14,000 from the Demonstration of Energy Efficient Development Grant award for an LED and induction streetlight pilot program to study the feasibility of energy-efficient lighting for public roads locally. GPA spokesman Art Perez says the current technology used costs millions to support and may hopefully help develop a streetlight policy. "Also, with the savings reap through efficiencies help reduce the billing that DPW that has to pay, because they're the customer record, and maybe they can consider installing more lights where they're needed around the island," he added.

Camacho adds that the biggest challenge GPA faces is creating a lighting standard with technology that is still being developed today. GPA is looking into more in-depth power studies to one day change all of the lights on Guam. "As you may know, something that may work in the mainland or elsewhere may not be ideal for our climate here on the island so this is part of the evaluation period where we can determine which technology is the best," he said.

Survey questionnaires are stationed at GPA and Guam Waterworks Authority customer service locations for customer feedback.