Guam - The Guam Education Board now has two final candidates to choose from. "We've done our job. We now have two candidates for the job of superintendent and we will begin the interview process for the next 60 days," noted board chairman Francis Santos.

The two candidates are George Washington High School teacher Salvador Avilla and Governor Eddie Calvo's chief education advisor Vince Leon Guerrero. Elected members to the GEB, like Joe San Agustin however, are questioning what happened to the third candidate. The search committee previously announced that out of the nine applicants for the superintendent job, it would come up with a short list of three.

According to San Agustin, prior to this morning's meeting he didn't know that was going to change. "It's Vince Leon Guerrero, Salvador Avilla and Begona Flores. I said, 'Okay. Good.' But when they announced it, all of a sudden they didn't agree. I just had some problems with that. It should have been stick with the three. Don't change horses in the middle of the race."

San Agustin along with Jose Cruz and Ronald Ayuyu, all elected members, voted in favor of a motion to consider three candidates but the motion failed. Meanwhile, a permanent superintendent will not be named by the start of the new school year, but Santos is confident in the management team led by Taling Taitano.

Taitano will act as interim superintendent for the next 60 days as Dr. Nerissa Underwood's contract ends Friday. "I want to thank the board for having confidence and allowing me to lead the department for the short period," she said.

Taitano's focus is to ensure schools have a successful opening for the New Year.