Guam - While discussion continues on Guam's efforts to secure the China/Russia visa waiver program, the leader of the Chinese province will be encouraging his people to vacation in Guam. Governor Eddie Calvo spoke about the issue with Zheijiang Party Secretary Zhao Hongzhu, who has the fourth largest economy of all China's 31 provinces. The two met in Salt Lake, Utah during a special U.S.-China Governor's Forum hosted by the National Governor's Association.

Calvo states, "U.S. Governors and the Obama administration understand how critical it is for the nation to build economic alliances with China. The nation recognizes China's growing influence. This is why China and the U.S. are engaging in this sub national exchange. Guam can be at the center of this alliance and growth. We are the closet U.S. community to China."

Secretary Zhao also told Calvo he is enthusiastically looking forward to hosting him later this year in China. Governor Calvo is expected to lead a trade mission to China later this year.