Guam - At a time when the five individuals charged with the heinous murder of 31-year-old Vincent Peredo were supposed to go to trial, one of the defendants appeared in the Superior Court today to plead guilty admitting to his actions on March 8 of last year. Dressed in an orange DOC shirt, shorts and tennis shoes, 20-year-old Cal-Jerome Delorie pleaded guilty to aggravated murder as a first degree felony today.

Standing next to his attorney, Howard Trapp, Delorie was sworn-in under oath. The charge of aggravated murder comes with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment with no eligibility for parole and a $10,000 fine.  Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena asked the defendant a number of questions to ensure he wasn't coerced into pleading guilty and that Delorie was competent to change his plea.

Judge Lamorena said, "This incident did occur on or about the 8th day of March 2010 in Guam - do you agree with that?" to which the defense attorney agreed. "Two - that you as a defendant did commit criminal homicide in the commission of a felony or the attempt to commit a felony that is burglary. Do you understand that?," his honor continued, with Trapp again confirming.

Delorie and his co-defendants - Derrick Cruz, Darren Cruz, Zared Lizama and Shayne Terlaje - has been behind bars for the last year and a half on charges of murder, aggravated murder, burglary, possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony and conspiracy.  The five are accused of tying Peredo up and brutally beating him with a baseball bat - leaving him to die in his home and stealing marijuana.

Coincidentally it was Delorie who, according to news files, admitted to police that he used Peredo's mobile phone to call 911 and inform authorities that Peredo was beaten inside his home. Delorie listened as prosecutor David Rivera accounted what the government would have to prove had the matter gone to trial. Rivera said, "Mr. Cal Jerome Delorie along with his co-defendants had concocted a plan to commit a burglary at the residence of Mr. Peredo who lives in Yona. The purpose of that burglary was to steal marijuana plants and in the course of committing that crime an altercation broke out with the resident, mr. Peredo and co-defendants and in the course of that altercation, Mr. Peredo was killed.

Lamorena said, "Mr. Delorie, you've heard the statements made by the prosecutor, Mr. Rivera. Do you agree with what he just said?" "Yes, sir," he responded.

The plea agreement allows for Delorie to be sentenced at a lesser charge of murder that would allow him the possibility of parole after serving 15 years behind bars, but that will only be suggested if he fully cooperates with the prosecution and testifies against his co-defendants who are scheduled to appear back in court to find out when they will go to trial on August 25. 

Delorie meanwhile remains behind bars awaiting his sentencing which has been deferred until September 23.