Guam - In an effort to address overcrowding, the Department of Youth Affairs is revamping its Echo Building at its Mangilao Compound. The building has been closed for several years due to structural integrity problems. DYA director Adonis Mendiola says the project is worth $265,000 and comes from CIP funds.

He says the facility will include central air conditioning units, a spacious day room, counselor's office, library, and isolation units. The project is anticipated to be complete by October of this year. While Mendiola says he is working to have security cameras installed in the unit, he adds construction allows the agency to fix the 100' gap in the fence that two clients recently used to escape.

"In tandem with this and our partnership with DOC we are going to be using the gate situated around the echo dorm to be placed in an where the gap exist, other wise we have concertina wire that will be spread," he explained.

Adonis adds the agency is working with the Guam Energy Office on grant proposals to retrofit and upgrade the other buildings.